Jasper is now part of Cisco

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Jasper is now part of Cisco

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Jasper is a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform leader. For more than a decade, Jasper has enabled companies worldwide to capitalize on IoT to drive business transformation and deliver innovative connected services. Companies of all sizes use our cloud-based IoT platform, Control Center, to rapidly and cost-effectively launch, manage and monetize IoT services on a global scale.

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How to make money on the connected car

By Mark Thomas

A simple google search will pull up headline after headline with the same theme: Silicon Valley Takes on Detroit. A big disruption is coming, and we are getting a better idea of what that will look like.



June 1, 2016

Cisco is tracking 28 million devices on its IoT network and most of them are cars

Speaking onstage at the Code Conference on Wednesday with Recode's Kara Swisher, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said that its Internet of Things platform run by Jasper, a company it acquired earlier this year, is tracking 28 million active devices, and is adding about one million devices every month. "Most of them are cars," Robbins said. Jasper's automotive customers include GM, Ford, Nissan, Daimler and BMW.

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