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  • “Our customers … rely on Cantaloupe to make sure our platform is communicating properly with their vending machines. With Control Center, we have a reliable, secure, and cost-effective way to do just that.” 

    Mandeep Arora CEO Cantaloupe Systems
    Cantaloupe Systems connects vending machine companies to their machines through the cloud. Jasper helps the company enable its customers to respond to consumer demand, become more efficient, scale globally, and increase profit.
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  • Jasper enables us to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy connected products globally through a single platform that provides connectivity through multiple carriers around the world.  

    Kelly Hancox Global Engineering Business Development Manager Garmin
    Garmin extends the value and functionality of its products via connectivity. Jasper helps Garmin to effectively deploy products worldwide, speed delivery of solutions into emerging markets, and manage product lifecycles from the factory to the customer.
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  • “The Jasper platform has enabled our company to expand our telemedicine solutions around the world, while still delivering custom solutions for each client.”

    Joe Giuffrida President and Principal Investigator Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies
    Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies develops telemedicine solutions for healthcare providers and researchers of Parkinson's disease that include remote sensing and mobile applications to monitor patient conditions. Jasper enables clinicians to use real-time data collected by IoT-enabled devices to help optimize patient treatment and observe their response to treatment.
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  • “Before Jasper, we were doing business only in the United States, but Jasper gave us the tools to sell not only devices, but a complete solutions package. 
    As a result, we’ve grown our operations into 18 countries, and now our company enjoys a higher revenue stream —all thanks to Jasper!”

    Michael Harrell President and Director of Operations Logitrac
    Logitrac offers GPS-based tracking and asset management solutions on a global scale for a wide range of industries and applications, including transportation, fleet management and construction. Jasper provides fast and secure communications from devices to Logitrac data centers, giving customers accurate and timely information on equipment utilization and maintenance alerts.
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  • “... We only work with operators on the Jasper platform. It’s an integral part of our business and has accelerated our global rollout exponentially.”

    Mori Tersigni CEO Mtrex Networks
    MTrex Systems delivers wireless connectivity solutions and managed services to business around the world. Jasper enables MTrex to help its customers deploy and manage IoT applications and remote devices faster, easier, and more cost-effectively.
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  • "We knew Control Center was the solution we needed to ensure our platform could scale across hundreds of thousands of remote locations while keeping tight control over our costs."

    Michael von Hauff CEO Osprey Informatics
    Osprey Informatics provides visual intelligence for the oil and gas industry. Jasper helps the company automate device management, to better manage costs, increase reliability, and scale to meet customer needs.
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  • “Jasper automation has enabled Sendum to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in activation and support costs.”

    Wayne Chester President Sendum Wireless
    Sendum Wireless provides asset tracking and security devices for supply chain, logistics, and law enforcement. Jasper automates asset tracking and enables corrective action based on real time data of the GPS location of goods, the conditions they’ve been exposed to, and whether they arrived safe and undamaged at their destination.
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  • “Through the Jasper relationship, we've been able to manage our devices in a much more meaningful way, allowing us to better automate and to protect our customers' lives.”

    Jim Nye Vice President of Product Management Vivint
    Vivint is a leading provider of home automation in North America. Jasper helps Vivint automatically respond to temperature settings, turn appliances on or off, or send a signal to the monitoring center in case of an emergency.
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