The Internet of Things and Service IT Explained
  • Leverage IoT to manage your connected business.

  • “The Internet of Things—described aptly as “the extension of the Internet to the physical world”—will reshape the way business is done across every sector of the economy and every industry. It will bring previously offline businesses and processes online. It will reconfigure companies' entire business models, their relationships with their customers, and the structures of their organizations.”

    —Excerpt from Capitalizing on the Internet of Things, a Primer.

    Every business will be an IoT Service Business.

    We believe that soon every business will be an Internet of Things (IoT) business. The tremendous proliferation of connected devices, information, and innovation makes it inevitable. 

    IoT brings businesses and customers closer together, making it possible to deliver amazing new benefits and connect in remarkable new ways.

    As a result, IoT businesses must undergo a fundamental transformation: becoming a connected business means becoming a service business.

  • Launch, manage, and monetize your IoT business with Service IT.

    When you become an IoT service business, the direct, always-on connection between your business and the rest of the world unlocks amazing new opportunities and benefits for you and your customers and creates a host of new business challenges.

    To become a successful, connected IoT business, you need Service IT, the software and systems required to launch, manage, and monetize an IoT service business.

    Learn how Service IT is driving IoT business success.



    Jasper delivers Service IT for the Internet of Things

    Jasper is the ON switch for the Internet of Things.

    Jasper is the pioneer in cloud-based platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the undisputed leader in Service IT. 

    We deliver the only purpose-built platform for IoT. Today more that 1500 companies on six continents, in dozens of industries, across more than 100 mobile operator network affiliates worldwide, are deployed on the Jasper Control Center Platform. 

    Learn how our turnkey, cost-effective, globally scalable Service IT solutions can help your business become a successful connected service business. 

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