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  • IoT Services Platform

    Jasper Control Center is the only cloud-based IoT services platform that enables companies to quickly deploy, manage and monetize their IoT services on a global scale. Set-and-forget automation means virtually hands-off control of the entire IoT lifecycle, assuring the fastest time to market, the lowest total cost of ownership and a jaw-dropping user experience.

    Deeply integrated into more than 100 mobile networks, Control Center enables you to configure once, and scale on demand in over 100 countries. With more than 2,000 enterprises in 20 + industries implemented worldwide, it is the most proven, reliable, scalable IoT platform choice for powering your IoT business.

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  • Connected Devices





    devices on Internet of Things (IoT)

    Connected Devices Cloud

    Gain unparalleled visibility and control to power connected services and products around the world.

    Whether you're about to jumpstart your first connected services project or want to upgrade an outdated M2M initiative, you can configure Jasper Control Center for Connected Devices to meet your unique business and operational needs—whatever industry you're in, wherever your devices are located.

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  • Connected Car

    Connected Car Cloud

    Elevate the connected car experience with the IoT platform chosen by the most innovative automative OEMs.

    Manage the IoT services lifecycle from factory floor through consumer engagement, using a common IoT services platform across regions and networks with Jasper Control Center for Connected Car.

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  • Enterprise Mobility Services

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    Enterprise Mobility Cloud

    Automate and control enterprise mobility services for business tablets, phones, and mobile Internet devices.

    Today's workforce is increasingly mobile. Take advantage of Jasper Control Center for Enterprise Mobility Services to manage your on-the-go workforce on a common platform while allocating usage and controlling costs.

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Power your IoT services business—at a lower cost with greater ability to scale.