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  • Overview

    Service diverse IoT markets.

    There's a tremendous proliferation of connected devices around the globe, and the market has evolved greatly from traditional machine–to–machine (M2M) connections. Now businesses in a wide range of industries are embedding connectivity into business and industrial devices, enterprise tablets and smartphones, and consumer electronics.

    By connecting these devices, businesses can now deliver a wide array of IoT services that add value for customers and unlock new sources of IoT and M2M revenue.

    This creates exciting new opportunities for mobile network operators to connect devices and support these IoT and M2M services. Your ability to respond to these opportunities directly affects your win rate. And how you respond directly affects your costs.

    Jasper eliminates the complexity associated with profitably connecting and managing IoT services with a platform designed specifically to service this diverse market.

    Tap into M2M to boost profits by 5x.

    Discover how your MNO can boost profits by 5x using a cloud-based IoT / M2M platform.

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  • Jasper Service Manager



    Jasper Service Manager

    The Jasper Service Manager Platform for operators interested in expanding their M2M offerings, enabling you to service customers who have embraced the Internet of Things.

    Our multi-tenant, highly confiurable cloud-based platform streamlines and automates operational IoT / M2M processes, delivering a one-stop solution that includes automated provisioning, flexible rating and deep, real-time diagnostics capabilities.

    By partnering with Jasper, you will be able to protect your margins while offering an exceptional customer experience: a cloud-based platform, purpose-built for IoT, that automates away operational costs, and puts greater visibility and control into the hands of your customers.

  • The cloud

    Embrace the cloud. Experience new-found agility.

    Count on Jasper to support your rapid entry into new markets and enable you to scale with true agility. Our turnkey solutions in the cloud deliver the advantages of speed, efficiency, and global access, and can be configured to meet the unique needs of your customer's business.

    Jasper makes it possible for operators to add an appropriate service layer on top of their core IoT / M2M network assets. We call this layer Jasper Control Center, and it provides the speed and flexibility mobile operators need to launch, manage, and monetize a connected device business that can compete in today's rapidly changing markets.

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    Expand your ioT / M2M offerings with the Jasper platform.

  • Accelerate time to revenue

    Accelerate time to revenue. 

    Jasper helps you enable enterprises to launch, build, and grow their IoT services businesses faster, with less technical difficulty, and with greater flexibility.

    • LAUNCH

      Configure. Onboard. Deploy.

    • MANAGE

      Monitor. Diagnose. Control.


      Bill. Model. Experience.

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    As a Jasper partner operator, not only do you get the best IoT / M2M platform for both you and your enterprise customers--you also gain access to Jasper Catalyst. This globally proven go-to-market program provides the training, materials, best practices, and hands-on interaction you need to help you launch, manage, and monetize your IoT / M2M service offerings--signficantly reducing your time to revenue.

    Learn more about the Jasper Catalyst Go-to-Market program.

    “Jasper’s comprehensive knowledge of global device manufacturers—their needs, their language and their challenges—offers our customers the necessary tools to build and grow a connected device business.”

    Paul Hodges
    CSL Limited—Executive Vice President

  • Partner with Jasper

    Partner with Jasper

    The most innovative operators in the world rely on Jasper technology to quickly
    generate revenue from—and establish leadership in—new categories of business.

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Power your connected business—at a lower cost with greater ability to scale.