January 3, 2017 ITProPortal

Cutting Through the IoT Hype in 2017

It is important to stay grounded when it comes to new technological trends, and Cisco Jasper wants to cut through the hype to talk about what we can actually expect from IoT in 2017.

So, like 2016, 2017 will be a year of some challenges, but many more opportunities for IoT. Though with so...

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January 2, 2017 TechRepublic

9 IoT Global Trends for 2017

TechRepublic talked to IoT experts in a range of disciplines to find out what they think the biggest trends will be in 2017. Macario Namie discussed AR, VR, IoT and data analytics. 

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December 26, 2016 VentureBeat

5 Ways ‘Things’ Will Change The Internet and Your Life in 2017

In the next year, the Internet will connect to about 1.5 billion new “things,” and by 2020, over 20 billion devices will be online. In theory, every one of them will be able to connect to every other.

The Internet was not created to handle this population explosion of data-generating...

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December 22, 2016 RCR Wireless

2017 Predictions: 5G to Boost Cellular, IoT security and Internet At The Edge

For years, cellular connectivity has been the primary transport for IoT due to its ubiquity, scalability and security. But as the number of services enabled by IoT devices continues to grow exponentially, many IoT applications have arisen that require long range and low-power capabilities. And...

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December 20, 2016 IoT Institute

Will Big Data Drive Big Revenue in 2017?

The volume of IoT data will be stratospheric as the technology gains momentum, says Macario Namie, Cisco Jasper’s vice president of strategy. “Not only will there be more data, but there will be different types of data, and data from sources that have yet to be considered,” he says.


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December 20, 2016 CRN

The 10 Biggest Cisco Stories Of 2016

In one of the biggest IoT acquisitions of the year, Cisco acquired IoT superstar Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion in February, which provided Cisco with a cloud-based IoT Software-as-a Service platform that helps enterprises and service providers launch, manage and monetize IoT services. The...

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December 19, 2016 Network World

Cisco Execs Foretell Key 2017 Enterprise Networking Trends

Rowan Trollope who is Cisco senior vice president and general manager, IoT and Applications says that in the next year, the Internet will connect to about 1.5 billion new “things,” and by 2020, over 20 billion devices will be online.

“In theory, every one of them will be able to connect to...

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December 15, 2016 RCR Wireless

Getting to Smart: The Future of Connected Homes, Cars and Business (content provided by Cisco and RCR)

There are about 8 million connected vehicles in the U.S. on the AT&T network that are all powered and enabled by the Cisco Jasper Control Center. One of the things it does is it takes away the complication…and allows this whole other set of services for you as the user and also for the car...

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December 12, 2016 Network World

What to expect from Cisco in 2017

It turns out, he was far more active than I would have ever imagined, and 2016 will be remembered as the year Robbins stamped the company with his own thumbprint. During the year Cisco made several, the biggest of which was Jasper Technologies. That transformed Cisco from being an IoT...

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November 19, 2016 Forbes

6 Enterprise IoT Platforms To Consider For Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Internet of Things plays a key role in enterprise digital transformation. With the right level of integration, IoT acts as a crucial bridge between the physical assets and the IT infrastructure.

Enterprise IoT improves the efficiency of supply chain management and material resource...

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November 3, 2016 ASSEMBLY Magazine

Industry 4.0: Myths vs. Reality

The technology promises to help manufacturers achieve incredible efficiencies. According to a recent study by Accenture, Cisco Systems and General Electric, connecting industrial operations to the Internet could lead to significant gains in productivity, potentially worth $10 trillion to $15...

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November 2, 2016 IT Toolbox

Six Best Practices for Your IoT Initiative

“IoT success is grounded in companies’ ability to rapidly and cost-effectively launch, manage and monetize their connected services,” notes Theresa Bui, head of enterprise product marketing for Cisco’s IoT connectivity management platform, Jasper. “The IoT lifecycle is continuous—companies will...

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November 2, 2016 Computerworld

Cisco says it'll make IoT safe because it owns the network

Thanks to a dominant position in Internet Protocol networks, Cisco can do what no other company can: Change networks that were not designed for IoT in order to pave the way for a proliferation of devices, said Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager of the IoT &...

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October 27, 2016 Business Insider

This is how the 'Internet of Things' is changing the business model of the world's biggest technology companies

Companies like Cisco, Oracle, and SAP are all repositioning their core IT products to deal with the influx of new connected devices.

"Our sales team has started changing how we're talking to the customer base," says Cisco Global Private Industries Lead Doug Bellin. It means that...

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October 24, 2016 Business Insider UK

9 tech trends that will make billions of dollars starting in 2017

Mesh app and service architecture

There’s already been a lot of attention to the early stages of this market. Cisco’s Jasper’s IoT network, and Salesforce and Microsoft’s IoT cloud services are just some examples.

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October 21, 2016 The Street

Here's Who's Driving the Connected Car (Infographic)

In the field of networked devices, the world's 1.1 billion or so cars are second only to the mobile phone. "This is one of the more complicated challenges that has to be solved in the Internet of Things," said Cisco (CSCO) Global Transportation Executive Barry Einsig.

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October 18, 2016 TechTarget

Five IoT battlegrounds: Where does your company fit?

GM recently found a solution in a tool called the Zero Down Time Application, which was developed using FANUC’s industrial robotic systems, Rockwell Automation solutions and Cisco’s IoT and cloud software and infrastructure.

Earlier this year, Cisco acquired Jasper Technologies, whose...

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October 11, 2016 RCR Wireless

IoT in Action | Episode 6 | Cisco Jasper connecting the IoT

[ABB] used Cisco Jasper control center to manage connectivity on multiple mobile networks.

Cisco Jasper also works with General Motors to help connect their cars for features like OnStar telematics.

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October 5, 2016 ReadWrite

IoT isn’t just a connection, it’s a conversation

IoT provides the always-on connectivity needed to establish an ongoing services relationship with your customers. But this connectivity is merely a means to an end, enabling you to learn and understand how customers are using those products, to learn about the environment in which those products...

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October 3, 2016 No Jitter

Cisco, Salesforce Kick It Up in the Contact Center

As Dresser described, even before the official Cisco/Salesforce strategic announcement, partners and customers have been successfully combining the two portfolios.

I'm reminded of an adage from my sales days – people buy from people. The same could be said about alliances – they may be...

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