Control Center for Connected Cars gives you the real-time insights and control you need to quickly launch, manage and monetize connected services for any vehicle, anywhere in the world.

50+ of the world's leading automotive brands use the Control Center connectivity management platform to run IoT connected car services reliably, securely and at the lowest cost.

Control costs with automation
Reduce the time and expense of managing vehicle connectivity with Control Center. Prevent data overages and ensure predictable billing with automated controls that monitor and manage connectivity throughout the vehicle lifecycle.
Monetize services with split billing
Use Control Center to support complex multi-party billing and business models, enable free service trials, split billing costs associated with vehicle connectivity usage, and capture more revenue with sponsored services inside the vehicle.
Protect against unauthorized use
Establish rules for vehicle connectivity that alert you to unexpected behavior and automatically trigger pre-set corrective actions. Count on Control Center in the event of a major breach where immediate widespread action is required.
Quickly identify and resolve issues
Ensure service reliability and proactively prevent issues with real-time visibility and remote diagnostics. Evaluate and resolve connectivity issues for any vehicle, anywhere. Leverage visual tools to resolve more complex problems.
Accelerate global expansion
Integrate with Control Center once, then expand to new countries quickly and affordably. Embed a global SIM card during manufacturing and deploy as local SIM in each country.
Ensure reliability with real-time device visibility