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Managing IoT connectivity gives you the real-time insights and control you need to cost-effectively launch, manage and monetize connected services for any vehicle, worldwide.

Additionally, with compatible Premium Services, you can microsegment data traffic and lower your risk of malware and other cybersecurity threats.

Accelerate global expansion

Integrate with Control Center once, then expand to new countries quickly and affordably. Control Center is the single platform for all your vehicles around the world.

Protect with end-to-end security

Implement strict security measures that safeguard your customers and your business with multi-layered encryption for connected car services, data and backend systems. Define automated rules that help stop rogue activity and prevent unauthorized use, and offer new services without fear of getting exposed to new threats.

Ensure anytime, anywhere reliability

Maximize uptime and proactively resolve and prevent issues with near real-time visibility and remote diagnostics. Consistently manage all connected car services through our network of 50+ service providers worldwide.

Monetize connected car services

Meet customer needs with compelling services that drive recurring revenue. Integrated split billing supports complex, multi-party billing and business models, so you can turn vehicles into a platform for value-add services and content that deepen customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Lower total cost of ownership

Reduce the time and expense of managing vehicle connectivity with Cisco Jasper Control Center. Prevent data overages and ensure predictable billing with automated controls that monitor and manage IoT connectivity throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

There's an intensity of the relationship between a person and their vehicle that we're now able to extend even further with connected cars.

Phil Abram, Executive Director, Connectivity & Infotainment

For connected car innovators and first movers with large-scale or more sophisticated implementations, Control Center Advanced helps you take your business to the next level. In addition to all the great benefits of Control Center, you can take advantage of added functionality that’s purpose-built for companies like yours.

Is Control Center Advanced right for you? Contact us for more information.

Automotive OEMs using Control Center for Connected Cars