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Control Center

Protect with enterprise-grade security

Safeguard your customers and your business with multi-layered security to protect against unauthorized access to your IoT devices, data, and backend systems. Define automated rules for device behavior that help stop rogue activity and prevent fraud.

Ensure service reliability

Deliver the highest reliability with near real-time remote diagnostics to identify and respond to unusual IoT device behavior before it becomes a problem. Analyze historical trends to drive cost-effective predictive maintenance.

Scale globally

Expand into new markets through Cisco Jasper partnerships with 50+ mobile service providers around the world. Add more connected devices and new business models across cellular, LTE-M and NarrowBand (NB-IoT) networks.

Lower total cost of ownership

Speed time to market and eliminate unpredictable spend with rules-based automated controls that lower TCO. Near real-time cost monitoring enables you to prevent data overages and dynamically optimize rate plans.

Monetize IoT services

Transform your products into connected services. With Control Center automation, you can quickly roll out new services, keep costs in check, and meet customer needs in new ways that drive recurring revenue.

Cisco Jasper has really allowed us to make a connection with our customers. That, in turn, allows us to provide world-class customer service and increase our revenue streams by adding new services and new products to our portfolio.

Jim Nye, Vice President of Product Management

For IoT innovators and first movers with large-scale or more sophisticated implementations, Control Center Advanced helps you take your business to the next level. In addition to all the great benefits of Control Center, you can take advantage of added functionality that’s purpose-built for companies like yours.

Is Control Center Advanced right for you? Contact us for more information.

With Control Center, we have precise and reliable information about what’s going on with every robot, which means our customers benefit from enhanced reliability and higher productivity.

Bertil Thorvaldsson, Product Manager


Previously, network problems could take days to diagnose and resolve. Now we can determine if there’s a connection issue without sending a technician onsite, which saves us a lot of money and time.

Mandeep Arora, CEO