17,000+ companies worldwide use Control Center
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xabb customer story

ABB ensures reliable service and streamlines operations for industrial robots across many industries by automating global monitoring, remote diagnostics and maintenance.

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Acetek Systems

acetek success story

Acetek Systems provides a total and reliable 24/7 nurse call system for use in hospitals, nursing homes and other similar acute-care facilities.


Adaptalift relies on Control Center for real-time visibility of connected vehicles and fleets, and captures telemetry data to optimize operations. 

Air Liquide

Air Liquide success story

Air Liquide uses data telemetry on gas tanks in remote sites to precisely track stock, manage consumption and ensure compliance.


Alamo manages connectivity and collects data on driver behaviors, engine diagnostics and vehicle location with Control Center automation. 


Alarm.com uses Control Center to efficiently scale to millions of users worldwide, while simplifying device management and ensuring maximum reliability for customers.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite delivers e-book content and internet access anywhere, anytime -- using creative connectivity business models.


APANA® builds smart water management systems for commercial and industrial buildings.  

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Baseline Telematics

Baseline Telematics provides usage based insurance services using telematics to improve driver safety and help customers reduce their insurance premiums.

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BMW allows owners to connect their vehicles to their homes with apps that can be used in vehicle and on a smartphone.

Boston Scientific

healthcare and cisco jasper control center

Boston Scientific extracts patients' data wirelessly from implanted pacemakers and transmits to doctors via cellular connectivity.

Bright Box | Honda

Bright Box uses Control Center in connected car projects with Honda and other automotive OEMs, significantly reducing operating costs.

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Cantaloupe Systems

retail payment solutions

Cantaloupe Systems automates vending machine operations—from optimizing service schedules, restocking levels and merchandizing, and repairs.

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Certified Tracking Solutions

Certified Tracking Solutions increases efficiency and lowers cost for connected fleet management with Control Center for visibility, automation and remote diagnostics.

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ChargePoint relies on real-time monitoring and remote diagnostics to ensure reliable performance for the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network. 

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Clover’s tablet-based and handheld point-of-sale products use Control Center to ensure seamless connectivity and deliver value-add IoT services to grow revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

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Crane turns merchandising and wireless vending machine alerts into service calls to increase customer satisfaction using 24/7 monitoring.


CSL saves money and time to market using Control Center automation to manage their Critical Connectivity services for the security and home healthcare markets.

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Daimler offers the Mercedes Me package of connected services that includes vehicle connectivity through a smartphone and concierge services.


DHL logo

DHL gains real-time visibility and actionable insights from connected equipment to increase operational efficiency, and accelerate pick-up and delivery processes. 

DSG Fleet Solutions

customer iot story for dsg tag systems

DSG Fleet Solutions enables Tag Systems management of golf carts including remote locking/unlocking, automatic lockdown and alert notifications of vehicle locations.



enexis smart metering technology

Enexis Netbeheer is a leading energy Distribution Systems Operator (DSO) in The Netherlands with a responsibility to ensure an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy supply to consumers.

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Enterprise relies on Control Center for real-time tracking of connected vehicles and assets in transit, and managing their advanced monitoring tools. 



flaik built in colorado

Flaik tracks skiers in real-time to reunite students and instructors when separated anywhere on the mountain.


ford motor company logo

Ford delivers exceptional experiences for vehicle owners with an app to remotely lock/unlock, locate, and start or schedule a car start.



G4S enables smart meter data collection, data aggregation and operations. Consumption information is sent via a mobile network to the solution provider.

General Motors

Phil Abram, Executive Director, Connectivity & Infotainment, GM

General Motors relies on Control Center to deploy and manage connected services for millions of vehicles around the globe.


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Geotab logo

GeoTab optimizes fleet management with reliable connected services and real-time visibility that help customers speed up delivery and enhance driver and vehicle safety. 

Great Lakes


Great Lakes helps improve care and quality of life for at-home patients with Parkinson’s disease, using Control Center to manage connectivity for their telemedicine applications.

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iot story for guidepoint systems

Guidepoint provides online vehicle tracking and stolen-vehicle recovery.



hallmark logo

Hallmark enables mobile employees to upload inventory information as they merchandise store displays.


heineken logo

Heineken monitors beverage age (quality) and inventory level in kegs in public venues.



Ingenico ensures secure, reliable retail payment processing, and rapidly rolls out new value-add services with Control Center.

Intelligent Telematics

Intelligent Telematics simplifies operations with automation to monitor devices worldwide and adjust rate plans, and leverages Cisco Jasper network partners to expand their global reach.

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JC Decaux

JC Decaux connects digital billboards in airports, railway stations, shopping malls and supermarkets, and out and about on roadways.

Jupl | Samsung

Jupl uses Control Center for their Samsung smartwatch to ensure reliable sharing of health data, giving wearers peace of mind and instant access to caretakers and emergency services, anywhere they are. 

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Keaz uses automation to accelerate device provisioning, prevent data overages, and rapidly scale their asset sharing platform to customers around the globe.

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Kobelco Construction

kobe steel success story

Kobelco Construction manages connectivity of onsite equipment, and captures actionable analytics to strengthen quality and enhance capabilities. 


Komatsu optimizes connectivity to jobsite equipment to fuel big data solutions that give their customers meaningful business intelligence. 

Konica Minolta

dennis curry

Konica Minolta uses built-in connectivity to proactively monitor copiers and troubleshoot issues--often before the customer is aware.


KPN is the largest network service provider in the Netherlands, partnering with Cisco Jasper to deliver a complete IoT connectivity management solution.

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Liquid Robotics

Liquid Robotics uses automated connectivity management and remote diagnostics to ensure reliable performance of devices in the most distant marine locations. 


Litams enables automated livestock tracking and management that saves farmers money, increases revenues and improves animal health.


Micheal Harell President of Logitrac

Logitrac relies on automated controls and real-time visibility to increase efficiency while lowering costs for their GPS-based tracking and asset management solutions.

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masternaut logo

Masternaut delivers solutions for managing and optimizing fleets and mobile workforce teams.


Motech success story

Motech uses Control Center to automate connectivity, alerts and diagnostics for connected mobile devices that monitor health status for active seniors and cattle birthing activity.

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Mtrex Network

mtrex networks monitoring

Mtrex Networks uses the Cisco Jasper platform to ensure high reliability for their wireless connectivity services for businesses worldwide.

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Nauto is an artificial intelligence-powered automotive technology company that is improving the safety of commercial fleets today and the autonomous fleets of tomorrow.

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Nissan Improves safety and service for owners with quick connected access to emergency roadside assistance, information and entertainment services.


NIU optimizes the customer experience for their smart scooters with secure, reliable and cost-effective automated connectivity management using Control Center. 

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oberservant iot success story

Observant automates connectivity management for their online applications that help customers improve yield, save water, and reduce operating costs.

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Osprey Informatics

opsrey informatics camera

Osprey Informatics uses cost-effective automation to deploy and scale operations for their visual monitoring platform that improves efficiency and safety for oil and gas facilities.

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Peterborough Utilities

Peterborough Utilities relies on Cisco Jasper to cost-effectively monitor and manage remote smart switches and metering units for water and electricity usage.

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piicomm success story

PiiComm uses Control Center to manage connectivity for any device with a SIM card in it to accelerate business results, reduce operating costs, and meet SLAs.

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Radio Data Comms

Radio data comms iot success story

Radio Data Comms provides the Permaconn solution to enterprises in the electronic security monitoring industry that operate over 2G, 3G, 4G and IP networks.

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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric quickly launches and maintains secure, reliable services across multiple endpoints with Control Center. 


SCSI uses Control Center connectivity management to ensure the highest service reliability for their alarm monitoring network and security communications solutions. 

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Securitas Direct

Securitas Direct strengthens quality of service, speeds time to market for new offerings, and delivers improved experience for customers.

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agriculture technology semios

Semios delivers reliable service and real-time data for connected precision farming solutions for safer pest management, and proactive frost and irrigation control.

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Sendum Wireless

sendum wireless president

Sendum Wireless streamlines asset tracking and management of security devices for supply chain, logistics and law enforcement with automated controls and remote diagnostics.

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Siemens relies on real-time visibility and actionable analytics to optimize systems and enable predictive equipment maintenance.  

SMART Watering Systems

SMART Watering Systems reduced operating costs and rapidly scaled their solutions that help businesses and municipalities save water and reduce environmental impact.

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SmartLink controls lighting for outdoor billboards - turning off unsold faces, tracking and monitoring power outages, and providing daily proof of performance.

SST, Inc

saving lives with gunfire alerts

SST, Inc is growing their business with automated connectivity management to power their cloud-based gun crime detection and locator solutions for law enforcement.

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starbucks iot story

Starbucks relies on cellular connectivity to ensure continuous uptime to support store transactions in the event DSL network is out.

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Telular Corporation

Telular saves money and cost-effectively scales to global markets with Control Center automation to manage connected devices.

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Tenna relies on visibility of real-time data usage and automation functionality to deliver cost-effective, reliably-connected products and services for construction asset management.

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Tink Labs

tink labs and cisco jaspper iot connectivity

Tink Labs’ product handy is a hospitality IoT solution designed to drive guest engagement and better cost efficiencies for hoteliers. 

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TomTom connects navigation device for real-time traffic data, weather, fuel prices, internet searches, and more.

Topcon Precision Agriculture

Topcon Precision Agriculture relies on the Cisco Jasper platform to manage connectivity for connected devices that streamline agricultural operations. 

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Transaction Network Services (TNS)

Transaction Network Services (TNS) provides the secure networks that enable billions of financial transactions originating from POS machines, kiosks, and ATM every day.


Trimble tracks fleets and other assets so customers can monitor shipments and property.

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uhaul iot success story

U-Haul manages connectivity to ensure reliable services that send and receive vehicle information through their fleet management system. 



VeriFone takes advantage of the latest payment options with wireless terminals that allow payment collection anywhere in the world.

Virgin Airlines

Virgin Airlines uses connectivity management and remote diagnostics to optimize performance of connected planes and cargo equipment. 


xvivient smart control

Vivint automates connectivity management to launch and optimize home security and automation services that generate recurring revenue and increase customer loyalty.

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Volkswagen (VW)

Volkswagen (VW) connects drivers to the world outside with security, navigation and entertainment connected services through its Car-Net program.



Control Center enables reliable connectivity and provides deep insight into IoT services performance to help WebWay innovate their security solutions

WebWay delivers top performance for their alarm signaling and remote monitoring security solutions with Control Center's automation, real-time visibility and remote diagnostics.

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WeiPOS automates connectivity management to quickly transform from simple POS solutions to “marketing in a box” for retailers. 


Woolworths relies on connectivity management and real-time visibility to track produce shipments and monitor temperatures during delivery.