Transportation & Logistics

Increase productivity and profitability with automated connectivity management platform for all your moving devices. With real-time visibility, automated controls, and remote diagnostics for asset tracking and fleet management, you have the power to optimize performance and quickly identify, solve and prevent issues. 

Cost-efficient automation fuels global growth

Cisco Jasper helps transform Logitrac from device-centric to service-oriented

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Alamo manages connectivity and collects data on driver behaviors, engine diagnostics and vehicle location with Control Center automation.

Bright Box & Honda

Bright Box uses Control Center in connected car projects with Honda and other automotive OEMs, significantly reducing operating costs.

Certified Tracking Solutions

Certified Tracking Solutions increases efficiency and lowers cost for connected fleet management with Control Center for visibility, automation and remote diagnostics.
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DHL gains real-time visibility and actionable insights from connected equipment to increase operational efficiency, and accelerate pick-up and delivery processes.

DSG Fleet Solutions

DSG Fleet Solutions enables Tag Systems management of golf carts including remote locking/unlocking, automatic lockdown and alert notifications of vehicle locations.


Enterprise relies on Control Center for real-time tracking of connected vehicles and assets in transit, and managing their advanced monitoring tools.


Garmin uses the Cisco Jasper platform to cost-effectively deploy, manage, and scale connectivity for their navigational devices in use around the globe.
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GeoTab optimizes fleet management with reliable connected services and real-time visibility that help customers speed up delivery and enhance driver and vehicle safety.


Guidepoint provides online vehicle tracking and stolen-vehicle recovery.

Intelligent Telematics

Intelligent Telematics simplifies operations with automation to monitor devices worldwide and adjust rate plans, and leverages Cisco Jasper network partners to expand their global reach.
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Keaz uses automation to accelerate device provisioning, prevent data overages, and rapidly scale their asset sharing platform to customers around the globe.
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Logitrac relies on automated controls and real-time visibility to increase efficiency while lowering costs for their GPS-based tracking and asset management solutions.
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Masternau t delivers solutions for managing and optimizing fleets and mobile workforce teams.

Mtrex Network

Mtrex Networks uses the Cisco Jasper platform to ensure high reliability for their wireless connectivity services for businesses worldwide.
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PiiComm uses Control Center to manage connectivity for any device with a SIM card in it to accelerate business results, reduce operating costs, and meet SLAs.
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Sendum Wireless

Sendum Wireless streamlines asset tracking and management of security devices for supply chain, logistics and law enforcement with automated controls and remote diagnostics.
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TomTom connects navigation device for real-time traffic data, weather, fuel prices, internet searches, and more.


Trimble tracks fleets and other assets so customers can monitor shipments and property.


U-Haul manages connectivity to ensure reliable services that send and receive vehicle information through their fleet management system.

Virgin Airlines

Virgin Airlines uses connectivity management and remote diagnostics to optimize performance of connected planes and cargo equipment.