17,000+ companies worldwide use Control Center
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Agribusiness is rapidly embracing IoT to capitalize on automation, real-time visibility, and remote diagnostics to produce more at lower cost. From precision sensors for heavy equipment to IoT-enabled farm management systems, sophisticated data tracking and anytime control are helping the farming industry run cost-effective and energy-efficient businesses to increase profitability.

Transforming agribusiness with automated efficiency 

Topcon embraces IoT to bring the power of communications, efficiency and productivity to the farming industry

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Litams enables automated livestock tracking and management that saves farmers money, increases revenues and improves animal health.
Motech success story


Motech uses Control Center to automate connectivity, alerts and diagnostics for connected mobile devices that monitor health status for active seniors and cattle birthing activity.
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oberservant iot success story


Observant automates connectivity management for their online applications that help customers improve yield, save water, and reduce operating costs.
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agriculture technology semios


Semios delivers reliable service and real-time data for connected precision farming solutions for safer pest management, and proactive frost and irrigation control.
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