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Ensuring smart scooters stay connected

Reliable real-time monitoring and data transmission helps NIU deliver the best possible customer experience 

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NIU optimizes performance and cost-efficiency for their network of commercial scooters

NIU produces the world’s No. 1 smart electric scooter. With vehicles always connected to the cloud, the company continuously collects data to improve and update the products, and riders have peace of mind about the security and diagnostic health of their connected scooter. NIU relies on Control Center to constantly monitor all deployed devices, flag any irregularities, and automatically take corrective action for the fastest resolution.

Cisco Jasper also helps NIU optimize data usage and costs. In fact, using Control Center to decrease the total data transmission between scooters and the cloud, NIU can lower the total cost of ownership for consumers.

 Real IoT results with Cisco Jasper Control Center:

  • Lower operational costs – NIU reduces fleet management costs with automated data analytics and rate plan optimization

  • Ensure reliable connected services – Real-time monitoring helps NIU quickly identify and resolve unusual network or device behavior

  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences – Ongoing data insights enable NIU to continuously improve scooter performance and security for its drivers

NIU relies on Cisco Jasper Control Center to ensure reliable connected services
NIU relies on Cisco Jasper Control Center to ensure reliable connected services