17,000+ companies worldwide use Control Center
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Skyrocketing costs and limited workforce are motivating the healthcare industry to innovate IoT-enabled solutions that improve patient experiences and simplify access to care.  From remotely monitoring patients in their homes or on the go, to increasing efficiency for care teams and facilities, IoT connectivity is helping to advance healthcare and drive down costs.

Automating telemedicine around the globe

Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies helps Parkinson’s patients access care remotely using IoT

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More Customer Stories

acetek success story

Acetek Systems

Acetek Systems provides a total and reliable 24/7 nurse call system for use in hospitals, nursing homes and other similar acute-care facilities.
healthcare and cisco jasper control center

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific extracts patients' data wirelessly from implanted pacemakers and transmits to doctors via cellular connectivity.

Jupl | Samsung

Jupl uses Control Center for their Samsung smartwatch to ensure reliable sharing of health data, giving wearers peace of mind and instant access to caretakers and emergency services, anywhere they are.
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Motech success story


Motech uses Control Center to automate connectivity, alerts and diagnostics for connected mobile devices that monitor health status for active seniors and cattle birthing activity.
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