17,000+ companies worldwide use Control Center
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Enabling explosive market growth with reliable connected services 

Consistent data delivery for millions of retail transactions helps Clover rapidly gain market share around the world 

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Clover increases retailer satisfaction and grows revenue with value-add IoT services

Consumers increasingly expect a seamless experience to pay for products and services wherever they are, and Clover’s wireless POS solutions and connected services make that possible. By managing connectivity using Control Center, Clover (a First Data company) can provide merchants with secure, reliable payment and business productivity solutions anywhere they do business, whether at a fixed location, online or on the road.

Clover uses Control Center to cost-effectively deliver instant-on connectivity and manage the SIMs and associated data plans that come pre-installed in Clover 3G-enabled POS tablets and handheld devices. Not only does Clover use the feature-rich Control Center platform to monitor and manage all of these connections, they use Cisco Jasper APIs to integrate directly with their POS solution to automate onboarding processes.

Real IoT results with Cisco Jasper Control Center:

  • Network optimization – Point-of-sale devices are activated automatically out of the box, so merchants never need to configure the network or purchase their own data plans

  • Customer satisfaction and revenue growth – Clover meets retailers’ needs and increases profitability with reliable IoT services for POS payments and business productivity such as inventory management and employee scheduling

  • Explosive market growth – Ensuring consistent, secure, and scalable data delivery for millions of retail transactions via wireless solutions helps Clover rapidly grow the business globally

  • Cost-effective reliability – Remote 24/7 device monitoring and process automation ensure Clover can optimize data plan costs and quickly spot and resolve performance issues

Control Center automation helps Clover simplify connectivity management for 100,000+ devices
Control Center automation helps Clover simplify connectivity management for 100,000+ devices