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Build a profitable IoT business by
partnering with Cisco Jasper


Create tremendous value for your IoT business by helping companies transition to IoT service businesses. Together, we'll help enterprises worldwide launch, manage and monetize their IoT connected services with the Control Center automated connectivity management platform.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Enable customers to automate IoT services

Enable your enterprise customers to configure and automate connectivity management for their IoT services. Control Center provides thousands of automation rules that perform 100+ million automated actions each month.

Support flexible business models

Cater to unique business models with customized rate plans that can be set up in minutes. Increase customer satisfaction and decrease churn with tailored solutions for your enterprise customers.

Innovate on demand & continuously scale

Respond to customer needs in real time with a cloud-based platform that continuously evolves. Control Center includes many self-service features so your customers can immediately address issues and accelerate time to market, while ensuring higher service reliability.

Capitalize on a global standard

Accelerate customer growth with the platform adopted by more than 50+ service providers, managing IoT devices across 550 mobile operator networks worldwide.


Turn leads into revenue-generating customers


Generate revenue faster with our hands-on training that helps you build your IoT value proposition, messaging templates and scripts, marketing and sales tools.


Streamline customer acquisition and onboarding with a branded IoT Starter Kit - the quickest way to help customers experience the value of Control Center.


Support your customers as they expand to new markets with Cisco Jasper’s extensive IoT ecosystem of 50+ service providers, managing IoT devices across 550 mobile operator networks worldwide.

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